Bathrooms for luxury marble suites

Italian Marble is a precious and elegant material, and it widely is used for luxury bathrooms. For its perceived sense of luxury and beauty, marble is the most used material  in luxury buildings and, in particular, for the creation of a luxury bathroom suite.

A luxury marble bathroom is necessary requirement for an elegant environment for hotel and residential. In the most prestigious hotels, in fact, marble is used for luxury bathroom suites with styles and decorations from the most classic to the most modern but always maintaining the precious look of the stone.

Shades and variety of many marbles, are highlighted according to the workmanship and deisgn creating unique and valuable effects.

BUFALINI Marmi processes white Carrara marble with experience that has been handed down from generation to generation for over three hundred years.

Increasingly performing machines and highly qualified personnel give life to a product that is a pride in the world.

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