Carrara marble countertop and cash desk for luxury shop

Carrara marble cash desk and counter top for luxury stores

In a luxury store, the high-end experience has to remain from the minute the customer enters the store to the minute they leave. This includes installing a cash desk and counter top that does not just make use of the latest technology but also looks luxurious.

Why use luxury marble?

Italian marble has an air of quality about it that you cannot match. Marble countertops are the perfect addition to any luxury retail premises. They help to convey a feeling of quality throughout the store. Retailers can extend the marble countertop to include the cash desk. This means that customers continue to benefit from a luxury experience right through to payment.

Where can luxury marble be used?

The truth is that any luxury retailer can make use of white marble in their premises; it’s often especially popular to use marble for a luxury fashion boutique or jewelry store. Marble countertops for a shop, or a marble cash desk, are impressive in any establishment that targets the luxury end of the market and wants to attract and retain customers.

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