Italian marble exterior wall cladding, marble facade for offices and retail

High end offices and retail establishments need to convey a feeling of luxury.

The design of these buildings should involve meticulous attention to detail and only high end materials should be used. It’s possible to create this sense of luxury by cladding the exterior walls of a retail premises or office building with Italian marble.

Why choose Italian marble to clad a commercial premises?

Marble is a material that is regarded very high end. It’s used in many five star hotels across the globe and it transmits a sense of high quality and luxury.

Cladding the exterior of an office or retail building with Italian marble helps to give a good impression of the brand or company. A marble exterior suggests success and reliability.

Other benefits of cladding with marble

Thecolours of marble tend to be consistent and subtle. This helps to create a classic design feature, when the material is used. Cladding with Italian marble also provides an additional level of insulation on the property, making it more energy efficient.

 There are many benefits which make Italian marble cladding a wise investment.


Bufalini Marmi offers the finest marbles from Carraraand covers the whole production and services cycle:

  • The supply of white Carrara marble blocks and slabs
  • Finished products
  • Work in progress products
  • Technical services such as surveys, preliminary studies, working drawings and work orders, study of the anchoring systems, materials’ installation

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