Luxury marble for fashion boutiques: floorings, walls, shelves, show case and bathrooms

Marble has always been used for elegant and refined surroundings as it is a versatile and valuable material that elevates the perceived value of the location and building.

Today It is used widely for Brandsin the luxury business, such as fashion, cosmetic and jewelry boutiques.

Marble becomes the main element of the shop: marble flooring, marble walls, marble countertops, natural veining that enhance its beauty and fine workmanship thanks to the experience and passion of BUFALINI Marmi, which extracts and has been producing finished marble for over three hundred years.


The marble floor and the marble walls will frame the furnishings and exquisite items on display, exalting its elegance.

The marble countertop or cash desk with all elements in marble will fit perfectly into the already refined environment.

The final touch can be given by a marble bathroom, as elegant as the rest of the room.

The expertise and accuracy of details in the marble processing, coupled with the use of more and more powerful tools and techniques, have made BUFALINI Marmi the world leader in the field.

 Bufalini Marmi S.R.L.

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