Marble church furniture: marble altar, ambo and baptismal font

As places of worship churches should provide a sense of purity as well as representing the history of the church as a whole.

Italian marble is a traditional material for use in churches that creates a sense of cleanliness and stillness with it natural colour tones, while inspiring a sense of the grandeur, majesty and history of the church.

The importance of a well-designed altar, ambo and baptismal font

The altar, ambo and baptismal font are three of the most important aspects of a church. Their design needs to be functional as well as creating the impressive but traditionally religious feel that a church should always have.

 Using Italian marble in a church is also an excellent way of creating a sense of light which may not always exist in a stone church. Add to these factors that marble is a durable and long lasting material and you can see why it makes sense to use Italian marble to create aspects of a church interior such as the altar, ambo and baptismal font.


Bufalini Marmi offers the finest marbles from Carraraand covers the whole production and services cycle:

  • The supply of white Carrara marble blocks and slabs
  • Finished products
  • Work in progress products
  • Technical services such as surveys, preliminary studies, working drawings and work orders, study of the anchoring systems, materials’ installation

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