Marble floors: production, supply and installation

If you decided to lay the marble on the floor, you are doing an hard job. This work will give an elegant look at you home.


  • Tape measure
  • Ruler
  • bubble level
  • trowel
  • Rubber hammer
  • Cement for tiles

The first thing to do is to take the floor’s measure. Also, you have tocalculate the number of tiles that you will need. Rembemberthat  the5% of tiles, will be  waste due to breaks.

When you choose the type of marble tiles, it will be necessary to keep in mind the use and the tread which will be subject to the floor in order to choose the most suitable and durable one.

The second step is to level the cement and then you can tile the tiles with the usual options described for other types of tiles.

For laying, cover the entire surface of the back of each tile with the adhesive cement and then apply it by approaching one tile to the other. If you’ve ever seen the expert tiling worker, you will not miss that before they take a handful of powdered concrete and spread it to the floor where it will then tilt the tile. This trick allows cement to swap quickly with the bottom surface of the marble tile.

Probably you will need to cut some tiles to fit the shape of the room. You can do it easily using the special tile cutters tool.

The laying of the marble floor is the closure of an hard  work preceded by the production and supply of this product. Companies that are responsible to do this process, they could be considered leaders in the industry.


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