Marble stairs: modern staircase design, internal and external staircase

A staircase is not just a practical feature in a home, it can also be an attractive focal point.

 A modern staircase design can also add value to the selling price of a home. Property owners need to choose an aesthetically pleasing design and high quality materials for their modern staircase.

The benefits of marble in staircase design

High quality Italian marble is one of the most effective materials you can choose for a staircase in a modern home.

 It has a high level of durability which means that the staircase is built to last. This means that a marble staircase works just as well on the exterior of a property as it does on the interior. This durability is combined with an appearance that is impressive. The colours of the marble are cohesive and the veins in the marble are subtle.

Combining materials in a staircase

A unique and impressive staircase can be created using marble in conjunction with other materials such as glass and stainless steel, to create a fresh looking staircase for the ultimate in modern home interior design.


Bufalini Marmi offers the finest marbles from Carrara and covers the whole production and services cycle:

  • The supply of white Carrara marble blocks and slabs
  • Finished products
  • Work in progress products
  • Technical services such as surveys, preliminary studies, working drawings and work orders, study of the anchoring systems, materials’ installation

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