White marble bathroom ideas

When you are making or renewing your bathroom, you have to be more careful to the details in order to get a pleasant environment.

A white marble bathroom gives a touch of class and elegance to the rest of your house for its features such as:

  • durable material
  • timeless refinement

Luxury and elegance blend perfectly into the creation of a white marble bathroom, in order to create an environment that is perfectly in every style: from the more classic to the more modern.

Marble bathroom ideas are so many and the choice of materials is wide. 

The finishings as well can vary from polished to honed to brushed and other personalized finishing can create a unique ambience.

Infinite shades and veins, more or less accentuated, of stone and workmanship make it possible to create unique works of high prestige.

BUFALINI Marmi produces with passion and professionalism the Carrara white marble since over three hundred years, promoting a made in Italy luxury product around the world.

Bufalini Marmi S.R.L.

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