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Bufalini: has always been synonymous with marble.

The story of Carrara Marble and the Bufalini name have always gone hand in hand. The Bufalini family has been active in the marble and stone industry for over 300 years. Bufalini’s experience developed over the years to reach the highest level of expertise and competence. The knowledge Bufalini gained operating in the marble industry is displayed in some of the most important buildings all over the world: Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States.

The Highest-Quality Products and Services.

Our production is primarily directed at foreign markets and we implement strict quality control to ensure the highest standards. Our fabrication facilities are equipped with state of the art automatic machinery. Highly qualified and experienced technical staff develops and produces detailed designs to make any project, from the simplest to the most complex, become a reality. Specialized personnel can oversee and coordinate skilled installers and masons during the installation of the products.
Bufalini Marmi operates in the natural stone industry covering the whole production and service cycle: from selling slabs and blocks to creating finished products for any project. It also offers site assistance and installation.

Technical Services

Bufalini’s technical team uses the latest version of the Cad software available on the market to develop drawings, templates and work sheets. The knowledge and a decade of experience allow our staff to offer a fully comprehensive consultancy service. The study and design of the installation integrates and complements the service we provide to our customers.


State of the art machinery and a highly qualified technical staff that overlooks each production phase guarantee the highest standards of quality weather we are dealing with regular, special, customized, or cut-to-size projects. A completely new type of machinery uses vacuum impregnation techniques on the blocks so that we can work with even the most fragile and precious stone.


Highly specialized staff carries out the management, coordination, and installation of the materials. This makes Bufalini Marmi one of the few companies in the stone industry to offer a full and comprehensive range of services.


Direct relationships with the best national and international manufacturers and strict quality control at the source allow our customers to choose among a wide range of excellent materials. The constant search for new materials allows our customers to choose among always new colour ranges.
Four generations, that lived and breathed “marble”, contributed to develop a deep knowledge of the stones. The technical staff of Bufalini Marmi has been trained over the years and has developed an invaluable know-how. Most of the staff has been working with the company for many years, thus ensuring reliability and continuity throughout the organization. Those responsible for the ISO 9001 internal quality system guarantee product characteristics and on-time delivery.

Marketing and Sales Department
Alberto Bufalini
Marketing and Sales Assistant
Francesca Bufalini
Daniela Batolla
Production and Purchasing Department
Rodolfo Battaglini
Technical Staff
Paolo Menchini e Luca Battaglini
Shipping Manager
Fiammetta Bugliani
Coordination and Secretarial Services
Daniela Fruendi