White Carrara marble between History and design

White Carrara marble between History and design

White Carrara marble is a noble and antique material. Quarried in Carrara's Alpi Apuane, it is universally known as the most prestigious natural stone worldwide. The sofisticated and bright appearance distinguished by delicate veins that run trough its surface, defines the style of marble floors, marble claddings for both classical and contemporary settings, outlining its high grade of versatility.

Thanks to its aesthetics qualities of brightness and delicacy, trought the times, white Carrara marble has become a landmark in the history of arts. White Carrara marble has been selected by artists, sculptors and creative people to carry out works of great prestige. As an example in the Renaissance, the Carrara marble was utilized by Michelangelo for his sculptures after selecting carefully the blocks.

Bufalini Marmi: A LANDMARK

From the quarries to Architectural and design projects.
Bufalini produces selected marbles with which world wide projects are being made. Thanks to its high versatility, white Carrara marble finds application and use in many environments: internal and external marble floors, marble claddings and furniture elements such as table tops, columns and design objects.

The white Carrara surface can be supplied with different finishings for various uses:

Bufalini Marmi acquired experience in four generations in both the quarrying and using of the white Carrara marble for architectural projects, guaranties the quality, the trust and the continuity of the product whether it is for blocks or slabs supply or for dimensional and cut to size products.

Bufalini Marmi is a historical Carrara company active in the stone business and covering the whole production and services cycle: