The story of Carrara Marble and the Bufalini name have always gone hand in hand

Our Story

Bufalini: has always been synonymous with marble
The story of Carrara Marble and the Bufalini name have always gone hand in hand. The Bufalini family has been active in the marble and stone industry for over 300 years. Bufalini’s experience developed over the years to reach the highest level of expertise and competence. The knowledge Bufalini gained operating in the marble industry is displayed in some of the most important buildings all over the world: Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States.
The Highest-Quality Products and Services
Our production is primarily directed at foreign markets and we implement strict quality control to ensure the highest standards. Our fabrication facilities are equipped with state of the art automatic machinery. Highly qualified and experienced technical staff develops and produces detailed designs to make any project, from the simplest to the most complex, become a reality. Specialized personnel can oversee and coordinate skilled installers and masons during the installation of the products.

White Carrara Marble

White Carrara marble is a noble and antique material
Quarried in Carrara’s Alpi Apuane, it is universally known as the most prestigious natural stone worldwide. The sofisticated and bright appearance distinguished by delicate veins that run trough its surface, defines the style of marble floors, marble claddings for both classical and contemporary settings, outlining its high grade of versatility.
Thanks to its aesthetics qualities of brightness and delicacy, trought the times, white Carrara marble has become a landmark in the history of arts. White Carrara marble has been selected by artists, sculptors and creative people to carry out works of great prestige. As an example in the Renaissance, the Carrara marble was utilized by Michelangelo for his sculptures after selecting carefully the blocks.

Bufalini today

Four generations, that lived and breathed “marble”, contributed to develop a deep knowledge of the stones. The technical staff of Bufalini has been trained over the years and has developed an invaluable know-how. Most of the staff has been working with the company for many years, thus ensuring reliability and continuity throughout the organization.