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  • Designer
    Paolo Ulian
  • Anno
  • Produzione
    Bufalini Marmi
Altar - Diffused fruit bowl
Today, food is completely desacralized. It is mostly produced by machines, not humans; However, we had been fed by machines for a long time. Food is no longer nourishment, but pure mer-chandise. Instead, it should be our daily divinity, higher than the divinity that created the world, because it keeps it alive. Keeping the world alive is greater and more difficult than creating it. Therefore, we should worship an apple with more reverence than we reserve for the unknown force that has laid the foundations of the universe.
Utilizing an object to express this humble veneration is the least we can do to oppose ourselves to an un-natural logic. We have thrown apples in the mud: we can’t put them back on the tree. Let’s at least put them on a pedestal, so they can regain a little of their dignity and original value. Not piled one on top of the other or thrown indifferently in a container, not stored up as any goods, but taken individually, for what they really are: the site of an authentic sweetness that is the mystery of myster-ies.