Tutti i prodotti
  • Designer
    Paolo Ulian
  • Production
    Bufalini Marmi
  • Year
Drap - Vases, bowls, trays
When water-jet cutting is used on thick marble, it tends to lose its precision in the final part of the thickness, producing ripples on the surface. This characteristic, usually considered a defect, is here underlined and brought out to become a new aesthetic quality that ideally recalls the effect of the draping of fabric. The idea was to use this feature/characteristic/defect of the cut to obtain rings of various heights, thin and light and characterised by the rippled surface of the walls and edges. The rings are then fitted with a marble base to become containers of various types. The concentric cutting of the rings (circular, ellipsoidal, hexagonal, etc.) makes it possible to optimise the volume of marble processed so that 5 or 6 vases can be obtained from each individual block of marble, thus considerably minimising the amount of waste. Every single vase, bowl or tray is a unique piece, which is absolutely one-of-a-kind.